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Laser Acne Scar Removal: The Truths About This Treatment
07.03.2017 20:04

One popular method for treating acne scarring is to laser acne scars away but does it work? People suffering from scarring know how emotionally crippling it can be to look in the mirror every day and certainly, there are risks associated with laser removal. The last thing we want to do is make our scarring worse. So in this article, we are going to list both the pros and the cons of using a laser on acne scars.

Now for full disclosure, I did not have this surgery done so what I will be reporting on are the experiences of what other people have gone through. I will say this on your behalf. I congratulate you on taking a big step in reading this article. It clearly shows how bad you want to look better and we will get there together. So let's see what people had to say, shall we?

The first gentlemen we will talk about had this surgery about eight months ago, and we suggested that it is better to have one or two big blasts than lots of small treatments and that it is very effective for lessening scarring. He strongly suggests choosing a dermatologist rather than a cosmetic surgeon.

Now for the cons of his experience, he suggests that this procedure is not for the faint-hearted. He stated that it is very messy after the procedure. Furthermore, it takes several days to heal, and the aftermath was quite painful. Why don't we take a look at another? Again, I do not want to steer you in any way but rather give you the facts directly from the front line.

Another gentleman from Tennessee said that it works but warned if you have any doubts about your physician? He suggests it's expensive, time-consuming, and painful. It must be done by a good doctor, making the procedure really expensive which was a con that he had.

He followed it up by saying the downtime for this was a solid five days. You will be beaten by red, hideous, and swollen. However, by following the instructions exactly, you will like the results. How about one more review.

Lastly, A woman from Kentucky who had the procedure done said she did see a slight improvement in the skin from her first procedure. As a con of the surgery, she stated that the procedure was much more painful than advertised and that pimples broke out from the thickly coated dressing put on her face after the surgery.

The bottom line is that surgery can be very successful for removing acne scars if done by a skilled surgeon so please choose wisely and do your homework. It does appear that the procedure is expensive and can bring with it lots of pain and downtime.


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