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How to Moisturize your Face and Avoid Acne
27.03.2017 23:18

Moisturizing is a process of adding or restoring moisture in your skin, in other words, making it less dry. It has been proven to be an effective method of preventing future acne problems. However, moisturizing when you have acne problems is still being doubted by some. Hence, its acne treatment capability is being questioned. It is just a misconception by many people that moisturizing can cause acne. 

How does it work?

Moisturizing your skin prevents you from having acne and further acne scars because it helps in reducing the skin oil that often causes clogging in your pores. It also hydrates your skin which is prone from drying out because of sun exposure. By consistently moisturizing, maybe acne treatments would no longer come as your concern.

Each moisturizer has their unique ingredients. Two of its most common components are emollients, which make your skin smoother, and humectants that hold in the moisture. Unlike acne treatment solutions, you can use plain water as moisturizers for mild cases instead of the commercialized ones. 

When to moisturize?

It is good to moisturize after you have cleansed your face. Not only does it hydrates your skin but also retains its soft texture, unlike the erasing acne scar products and other acne treatments. As to the frequency of application, twice a day is the ideal count; in the morning after you take a bath and at night before you go to sleep. 

What moisturizer to use?

Just like when choosing what acne treatment you should take, some factors should be considered in deciding what moisturizer to use. First, know whether you have a dry or oily skin, and then observe if you are located in a cool or humid environment.

Accordingly, it is proper to use cream-based moisturizer for dry skin. The moisturizing ointment can also be used. The principle behind this is that when you have dry skin, there is a greater need for hydration. Cream-based moisturizers have more oil and are denser. In contrast, gel-based moisturizer is a better option for oily skin. It provides just enough amount of moisture that is needed for oily skin. Lotion can also be used as long as it is a non-greasy formula. However, this method would not be advisable for acne prone skin.

If you have a cold environment, it is suggested to use an ointment. It is quickly absorbed and leaves a layer of protection on the skin afterward. However, if you are in the different location, it is advised to use a gel since it is more hydrating.

A lot of people are still confused about how to moisturize and if they should even moisturize. Clearly, this is a sign that some people do not understand the concept of moisturizing their skin. When you fully understand how this works, a significant advantage will be at your side since moisturizing has been proven to be effective. This method may help you save dollars for acne treatments and acne scar removal procedures.





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